The Heart of Domestic Violence

I’m a twenty plus year survivor of Domestic Violence.

I don’t believe we will end domestic violence until we fully comprehend the cause of this cruel and inhumane treatment. A reflection back into the past allowed me to understand the cause or the heart of domestic violence.

The cause or heart of domestic violence is the people we have become growing up as children or are going into the situation. It is our experiences in life (past and current, good and bad) that are reflected outwards in our actions and reactions to others.

It is our personal choices and decisions that we have made or will make in life. And sometimes, it’s simply two people who come together with a downtrodden spirit and form a dysfunctional relationship or marriage with each other unknowingly.


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Masking the Symptoms of a Bigger Problem

Heart of Abuse – Chapter One – Masking the Symptoms of a Bigger Problem

This is an excerpt from the eBook “Heart of Abuse” that is available on the FREE BOOK page.


We are all curious about the reasons why people abuse others and commit such heinous acts of violence. People are looking for answers to child abuse, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and murder. They’re looking for real solutions that will put an end to gun violence.

People are weary of hearing the reasons given by mental health professionals. Often calling them poor excuses made for the offender’s actions. Offended by these reasons, people are demanding answers and want real justice for the offender’s actions.

The professionals have explained their reasons or theories, and the contributing risk factors for decades. They say abuse and violence is a learned behavior from childhood experiences. That abuse is a normal condition of life due to childhood abuse or witnessing violence in the home.

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Justified Answers for Abuse

What are the justified answers for abuse?

Abuse rates are soaring, and scores of people are living in fear and with oppression. People are looking for justified answers for child abuse, child sexual abuse and heinous acts of violence. They’re looking for real solutions that will put an end to gun violence and the atrocities of war.

To find the justified answers for abuse, you must shift your focus from the psychological theories to the “heart” of a person. It’s the heart of a person that needs to be explored, understood and cleansed to receive genuine healing.

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