Nobody should have to endure abuse and violence. Yet, abuse rates are soaring around the world and scores of people live in fear. Victims are looking for justified answers for abuse and violence. They’re searching for real solutions that will lead to genuine healing.

To heal this wound humanity must STOP focusing on the aftermath of abuse and violence. We must STOP putting a band-aid on a spiritual wound that only God can heal. It’s essential to understand the Heart of Abuse from God’s spiritual perspective.

That’s where “Heart of Abuse” comes in!


Justified Answers for Abuse

The Heart of Abuse eBook has the justified answers for abuse from a biblical perspective. Helping you to understand the truth about why people commit heinous acts of violence. And victims who have suffered from abuse or violence will find genuine healing in the Lord.

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Focusing on the Heart of Abuse

I started the Heart of Abuse blog as a challenge after writing the eBook.

You see, I often talk about the suffering of others to anyone who will listen.


Well one day, my youngest said;

“Stop telling me about all the people who are suffering unless you are going to do something about it.

If you’re not going to start a mission, a foundation or something else that will help others.

I don’t want to hear about it!”



And you know what?

She’s right; no one wants to hear about it.

That’s the problem!

No one likes to talk about other people’s sufferings.


No one likes to acknowledge the realities of abuse.

“Abuse scars the heart and oppresses the mind with sadness. Your sufferings can be overcome or leave you in darkness with fear. Quote By Linda M Carleton”


Several groups have formed to raise public awareness. They are attempting to prevent abuse and violence from occurring. Yet, the act of abuse and violence continues to mount daily in our country and around the world.


Time for a Change

It’s time for society to change their mental perspective.

We must STOP focusing on the “acts” of abuse and violence.

The news media needs to STOP focusing on these atrocities.

They need to STOP telling us about the victim’s sufferings.


Like my youngest said;

“Stop telling me about all the people who are suffering unless you are going to do something about it.”


We must START focusing our attention on the Heart of Abuse. We need to recognize the authentic truth and genuine cause of abuse and violence.

My oldest daughter, whom I didn’t raise due to domestic violence asked me “why do you think he was like that?” She was referring to her father. She wanted to know; Why did he mentally manipulate and abuse others?


I learn the answers to those “why” questions by asking;

What is the genuine reason for the existence of abuse and violence?

What is the heart of abuse?

I’m on a mission to enlighten you with the justified answers for abuse. To engage everyone in becoming part of the solution, not part of the problem.


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